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Product Overview

ICE Data Services, Inc. Cost Basis

Derived from its award-winning corporate actions database, ICE Data Services, Inc. Data Cost Basis Service delivers information on the tax or cost basis impact of corporate actions on securities. 

Spin-offs, distributions, stock splits, and numerous other corporate actions, have an impact on the cost basis of a security.  ICE Data Services, Inc. carefully analyzes these events to determine the impact, and electronically publishes everything that a securities or tax professional needs in order to update, maintain, and even derive, accurate records to reflect these events.  Electronic publishing allows for delivery to users in a variety of ways; ensuring that the information is always available, and always ready to be used in the most efficient way possible. 

Cost Basis Service Content
The Cost Basis Service contains all notifications published in ICE Data Services, Inc.'s comprehensive corporate actions product that have cost allocation/tax status consequences. The universe of coverage is all securities listed/traded on North American exchanges.  

 A Rich History 
 No cost basis service would be complete without access to comprehensive coverage of past events.  ICE Data Services, Inc.’s database reaches back in time to the inception of each covered company; in some cases, as far back as the 1800’s.  This rich cost basis history ensures that clients are able to research and derive accurate cost basis, even on the most long-term of positions.  

Cost Basis Calculator  

 Unique to ICE Data Services, Inc.'s Cost Basis Service is the proprietary XCB Calculator.   Without the time-consuming process of researching and then number-crunching, subscribers to ICE Data Services, Inc. Cost Basis simply enter the CUSIP or symbol, the buy and sell dates, the quantity and the purchase price.  Within seconds, the Cost Basis Calculator returns a bottom-line cost basis per share and aggregate cost figure, taking into account all cost basis-affecting events (including ‘voluntary’ events such as merger elections) during the holding period.   

Calculator results also show the cost basis of any securities that may have emanated from the original position. Equipped with historical daily prices, an online CUSIP directory, and a built-in “family tree” feature (that helps to identify the starting security when mergers, acquisitions, name changes or distributions resulted in a different ending security), the calculator is unquestionably one of the greatest productivity tools available to securities operations professionals.    



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